Old Town

During this tour through the historic Frankfurt city center you will learn about the exciting ups and downs of Frankfurt´s history...

...This journey through time leads us way back to the ancient Romans. You will hear about the cathedral as a place of election, as well as coronations of the kings and emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. Following the footsteps of Charlemagne, the journey continues to the iron bridge and, in memory of the German revolution of 1848 and Germany´s first democratic parliament, 

to the Paulskirche as the "cradle of democracy".

Along our way, you may enjoy many entertaining stories and curiosities that paint
a lively picture of the great history of the city.

On request and if possible, the cathedral, the Paulskirche and the emperor´s hall 
can be visited from the inside. 

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Tour Guide in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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